Sarangi, B K and Tiwari, S. and Yadav, D. and Pandey, R A (2012) Enhanced energy density in plants: scope and prospects. Dynamic Biochemistry, Process Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, 6 (2). pp. 22-31. ISSN 1749-0626

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The advances in conversion technologies to make fuels from biomass have become more economically viable, although bioenergy production will primarily depend on biomass availability. However, as biomass availability becomes increasingly restricted, so too does the availability of biomass as a feedstock for bioenergy industry become questionable. Forest resources are the primary source of biomass that can not be further exploited due to a need for environment preservation and sustainable growth. Therefore, R&D strategies to regenerate sufficient feed stock for the bioenergy industry are a priority to make bioenergy production viable. In this context, enhanced biomass production of tree species is a valid R&D proposition which could play key role for foreseeable bioenergy production. This R&D proposition entails an understanding of the regulation of plant radial growth that underlies wood development. Strengthening our knowledge is quintessential to strategically plan the enhancement of tree biomass production. Phytohormones play a significant role in the regulation of wood development. Auxin is required for cell proliferation and cell differentiation during cambial development. Besides auxin, several other phytohormones, including cytokinin, gibberellin and ethylene, play regulatory roles in the control of cambial activity because of their stimulatory effect on cell division. The potential exploitation of these hormones to enhance biomass production should be explored. This paper outlines R&D approaches to exploit biotechnological tools for manipulation of physiological responses of select woody plants to enhance biomass production.

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Uncontrolled Keywords: Phytohormones; Wood Formation; Biomass Production; Bioenergy
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Environmental Resources, Conservation
Environmental Biotechnology
Energy Sources
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