Sarangi, B K and Tiwari, Sarita and Pandey, R A (2014) Efficacy of Three Different Plant Species for Arsenic Phytoextraction from Hydroponic System. Environmental Engineering Research , 19 (2). pp. 145-149. ISSN 1226-1025 (Print) and 2005-968X (Online)

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Arsenic (As) is one of the heavy metals which causes acute bio-toxicity even at low concentration and has disastrous effect on environment. In some countries, As contamination has become alarming and increasing day by day as consequences of unsustainable management practices. Many existing physical, chemical and biological processes for As removal from water system are not feasible due to techno-economic limitations. The present study highlights the scope of biological strategy for As removal through phytoextraction. Arsenic uptake and accumulation in the biomass of three plant species and their As tolerance abilities have been investigated to develop an efficient phytoextraction system in combination of these plant species. Three non-crop plant species, Pteris vittata; Mimosa pudica, and Eichhornia crassipus were treated with 0–200 mg/L As in liquid nutrient solution for 14 days. P. vittata accumulated total 9,082.2 mg (8,223 mg in fronds) As/kg biomass and Eichhornia total 6,969 mg (4,517 mg in fronds)/kg biomass at 200 mg/L As concentration, respectively. Bioaccumulation factor (BF) and translocation factor (TF) were estimated to differentiate between excluders, accumula¬tors and accumulation in above ground biomass. Pteris and Eichhornia have highest BF (67 and 17) and TF (64 and 3), respectively. In contrast, Mimosa accumulated up to 174 mg As/kg plant biomass which is low in comparison with other two plants, and both BF and TF were ≤1. This study reveals that Pteris and Eichhornia are As hyperaccumulator, and potential candidates for As removal from water system.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: Arsenic;Eichhornia Crassipus; Hyperaccumulators; Mimosa Pudica; Phytoremediation; Pteris Vittta
Subjects: Industrial Wastewater Treatment & Disposal
Environmental Management
Water Treatment
Depositing User: Dr Bijaya Sarangi
Date Deposited: 28 Jul 2014 09:24
Last Modified: 28 Jul 2014 09:24

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