Ndasi, N P and Sahu, N and Thul, S and Chandrashekhar, B and Sharma, A and Benoit, N M and Bosco, T J and Raїssa , K R and Pandey, R A (2014) Enrichment, isolation and Phylogenic identification of Polycyclic Aromatic hydrocarbon degrading rhizobacteria from grasses growing at hydrocarbon contaminated site in Cameroon and Phenanthrene Biodegradation potential. Biolife , 2 (2). pp. 420-431. ISSN 2320 - 4257 (eISSN)

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A study was undertaken aimed at isolating indigenous rhizobacteria strains capable of utilizing petroleum hydrocarbons as energy source. Three bacteria strains capable of growing on a mixture of Phenanthrene, Napthalene and Anthren were isolated from vegetated aged oil contaminated rhizopheric soil by enrichment in liquid medium, screened and identified by 16S rDNA sequencing. The phenanthrene degradation potential of the three bacteria viz. P. aeruginosa strain N72, P. aeruginosa clone A11 and Pantoea agglomerans was evaluated in a specific medium in the presence and absence of glucose using GC-FID. On comparison it was found that, P. aeruginosa clone A11 showed higher phenanthrene degradation (85 %) in the presence of glucose within 15 days, while P. aeruginosa strain N72 showed highest degradation (70 %), in the absence of glucose. Unlike the 1st day samples, FTIR-analysis of the samples collected on 15th day revealed absorption bands between 3500-3000cm-1 characteristic of alcohol and acidic groups produced during phenanthrene degradation. The isolates were assayed for biosurfactant production by oil displacement and emulsification activity using diesel oil in a liquid broth and confirmed by hallow formation on CTAB-methylene blue agar medium supplemented with phenanthrene. The phenanthrene degradation properties of the isolates based on these observations are discussed in this paper.

Item Type: Article
Uncontrolled Keywords: PAH; Ageing; Rhizosphere; Biosurfactant; Bioremediation; Phenanthrene
Subjects: Environmental Biotechnology
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Date Deposited: 11 Jan 2017 05:20
Last Modified: 11 Jan 2017 05:27
URI: http://neeri.csircentral.net/id/eprint/623

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